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Are We Women Enough?

Are We Women enough? 
When seeing the picture of maternal normality on the cover of the new issue of TIME magazine yesterday, a certain jubilation shook me and my friends on Facebook.
Someone finally made it to ‘the other side’, a place where a stamp of validity was placed on a subject to say we are now members of acceptable society and not at all weird for breastfeeding ‘older’ children. We might even stop persecuting your strange behaviours too.
But read the small print.
Sadly it talks about extreme parenting. Extremists, a word that in post 9/11 America has become synonymous with evil and deviancy.
The small print talks about how these extremists have a leader, Dr. Sears, who they refer to as a ‘guru’.
A guru? Are we a sect? Are we in need of a leader, a man no less, to tell us how to use our breasts in motherhood?
The big print on the other hand challenges women readers and perpetuates the fight.
But which fight is that? And it’s a good question, because there isn’t any.
It was im…