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Home Birth Plan...For children

Dear Doula/Midwife/Birth companion If you could take a minute, I/we would like to tell you somethings that we would or wouldn’t like during our mum’s labour, thank you!: In the case that our mum has to be transferred to hospital we would like to stay with:(Write here the name of relatives/friends or neighbours and in order of preference) FriendsNeighbourI want to see the birth:            Yes / No I want to be awaken for the event:            Yes / No The person I would like to explain to me what is happening is:My mum’s doula                     Dad                     Grandma                     Other__________________
Movies (or games, books, etc) I would like to watch while mum , dad are busy or to take with me if I need to stay somewhere else:

Other things I enjoy doing are:

When the baby is born I would like to hold the baby:                      Yes / No

Special things I would like to do for the baby after the birth:(i.e: Give the baby a present, sing happy birthday, eat a cake with my fami…