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Open Letter To Facebook

My page has been removed after I posted pictures of nipples in protest at the 24 hour suspension of my page for posting the picture of a woman who had just given birth which I was told goes against your rules. After many years of suffering your constant censorship and discrimination I have come to understand that the whole issue seems to be with nipples (hence my protest).And that is why some women in the interest of education or activism decide to self mutilate with photoshop in order to guarantee that their pictures will not be censored and remain, albeit without nipples.Wow!No one needs to mutilate us to sell fashion - we do it all by ourselves now. Well done!When I recovered my virtual freedom after the temporary closure of my page, I organised a peaceful and virtual demonstration of nipples (just nipples without the surrounding breast) which had the effect of degenderising them.After that I received a warning and the two pictures most evidently from female breasts were removed.I w…