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Manifesto for a Maternal Revolution

Manifesto for a Maternal Revolution
We will not apologise or ask permission; in fact we are not asking for anything.We establish here and now that:
Our body is ours, not a public display, not an invention, not somebody else’s fashion.

Our pregnancy is ours and this is a time, more often than not, of health and happiness and not a time of continuous worry and fear.

Our labour is ours and it is a sacred time of transition that requires the utmost respect.
We will not be directed or managed
We should not accept intervention unless absolutely necessary and by midwives who understand and are informed about this need for respect.

Our milk is ours. It is irreplaceable and does not follow economic interests .
It’s our history, our art, our culture, our bond and our survival.

Our children are ours not of the state. Decisions about their upbringing and education must be free from political, economic or social pressures.

Our future is ours and women must also be free as mothers.

From the womb, from the gu…