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Why the normalisation of birth and breastfeeding is wrong.

Perhaps because English is my second language I'm able to smell rats behind certain sentences that would at first glance appear perfectly acceptable to native speakers.
There are some posts these days talking about normalising birth and or breastfeeding pictures.

I will never understand these concepts. There is nothing abnormal with my body, my babies' feeding or my giving birth.  An act that gives origin to our lives and an act that maintains it through millennia, can't possibly be abnormal.  There is absolutely no need to normalise it. I do not want to normalise breastfeeding or birth. Saying so would imply that there are strange or perhaps even obscene situations that are actually the hidden and not so hidden arguments behind the current conversation that originated on social media. The ideas of obscenity about womens' bodies in motherhood come from the perspective of patriarchy. The idea that our bodies are sexual objects which serve a sexual desire for others is what r…