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The political incorrectness of being a mammal

Beyond the occasional physical issues in birthing and breastfeeding, there are also several intellectual problems parents face today when having a baby. Most of these seem to arise through the pursuit of the concepts of ‘easier parenting’, ‘greater freedom’ and ‘being in control’. As promoted by movies, magazines and advertising, we find ourselves questioning how asmothers we  can still have ‘me time’, get enough sleep, maintain our figures and relationships as if ourbabies had  never happened at all?. 
Life is not a picture, but we are certainly sold one: the picture of all those women who can do all the above, who right after birth look as glamourous and, and here comes the crux of the matter, as sexually desirable as ever before. We need to question this very carefully. This picture is sold to us with a ‘because you are worth it’ label. It permits us to have it better, easier, freer. It tells us, "Don't be a slave.” It poses that no one wants tospend all day with a baby dangling…