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Why Kim Kardasian's bum is a bigger issue than you think

Last week I read that a fellow activist/Facebook friend, the writer and founder of Positive Birth Movement, Milli Hill, had been censored by Facebook for posting a birth picture.
That same week, whether or not you wanted to see it, whether you were old enough or your beliefs accepted, you would have been exposed to Kim Kardashian's naked bottom.

I have no problem with this lady's bottom per se, but I do have a problem with who decides that some bottoms, some nipples, some breasts are okay and others not and how and why that decision is made.
Basically choosing some women vs other women.
You might think, thanks to propaganda, that I'm one of those asexual mothers who according to some urban myth breastfeeds compulsively in public just to get attention and talks only about nappies, babies with other mums.
Well, not quite. I am a mother and a woman. I can  birth, breastfeed or have sex. I could be a lesbian or bisexual. I could masturbate or take my kids to the playground. I am a …