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There is a #metoo that happens during childbirth

On Sunday I attended FiLiA’s conference (previously known as Feminism in London) and I came home equally inspired and angry. Exhausted too. It is difficult to hear all the suffering that women can endure but even more difficult to hear how male humans can inflict so much cruelty and pain, and how can they then ignore it and even benefit from it. When I got home I started asking women on my Facebook page about their stories of abuse, I’ve asked who like me had been raped or assaulted.  And I did add some tag like #ithappenedtome. Little did I know that in the synchronicity of female uprising a campaign of #metoo was about to take over social media within hours.  The morning after my question and the 200 comments that followed my question,  I witness the outpouring of stories worldwide in a bigger wave coming from the U.S.A and I was glad. Because the #metoo for me are not about empathy as most people like to see it, we women have always had the empathy of our collective pain, but rather the…